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Implant Services

Various forms of dental implants are available for use in the replacement of missing teeth. Dr. Galitsis prescribes implant systems with the longest research record. Dental implants are used to restore individual missing teeth, to support bridges or to retain complete dentures.  With dental implants, healthy adjacent teeth are no longer needed for support to replace missing teeth. Dentures which lack stability and retention can be designed to receive as few as two implants. Dental studies have shown that having two dental implants to retain a complete denture, patients will have a tremendous improvement in overall comfort, speech, esthetics, function and confidence. Please visit our photo gallery for cases restored with implants.

If you or a family member are missing one or more teeth, you'll want to speak with us or come in for a consultation to discuss treatment options that are available for you and are as natural as possible. 

Many patients who were once considered a poor implant candidate may now be able to receive dental implants. Latest techniques in bone grafting, tissue management, and implant site development now allow patients to receive dental implants.

With dental implants at Galitsis and Bovino, you get a perfect fit, and they will look and feel as good as (or better than!) your original teeth.

Call 201-664-0787 or email us today to set an appointment to see how Galitsis and Bovino can help your smile!

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