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Dr Bovino provided perfection when it came to my invisalign. Being in my mid 20's I never thought I would need braces, but after I was getting bone loss in my lower teeth, things changed. Dr. Bovino worked with me to make sure I had the perfect bite and smile I could get. I would highly recommend Dr. Bovino for any orthodontic situation and would definitely refer my friends and family to her.

~ John K, Paramus, NJ

Dear Dr Galitsis and Dr Bovino,

Thank you so much for your outstanding work on my behalf. What you’ve done for my appearance is something I was always told was impossible…that is, before I met the best team in dentistry.

It’s hard to describe what an enormous effect your work has on a person’s life – how does one measure the value of smile? But your skills have elevated my self confidence, made me much more comfortable in front of my customer and had a direct impact on my success in business. I used to smile with my mouth closed and every picture that has ever been taken of me for my first 58 yrs will attest to that. However, a few months ago, for the first time ever I posed at for my driver license photo with a broad smile and have been smiling ever since.

People think I am happier now and I guess I am. But the truth is, thanks to your fine efforts I’m able to express my emotions which weren’t possible before. It has inspired me to lose weight exercise and feel better overall.

You're both clearly the best at what you do and I consider myself very fortunate to have a made your acquaintance. You spend quality time with your patient and we really appreciate that. You treat your patients with respect and concern using the top quality and cutting edge technology.

Thanks for helping me to find my smile

~ Joe S, Sussex, NJ

Dear Dr. Bovino;

I can not begin to tell you how much I enjoyed my visit to your office and seeing the many challenging cases you undertake to treat.
The excellent results you achieve reflects your professional skill and talent in arriving at a proper diagnosis and being able to translate it into a wonderful result.  Your community and patients are indeed fortunate to be able to receive your services.

Having been one of your former instructions at Columbia University, I walked away with a deep sense of pride, knowing how well you reflect on our university and profession.

With Best wishes for continues success.

Julius Tarshis, D.D.S.
Clinical Professor
Columbia University
School of Dental and Oral Surgery.

Dear Dr Galitsis,

You did a fantastic job on my tooth.  I appreciate your “gifted” talent in a field that is difficult to find one like you.  The equipment, and professional staff exemplifies superiority in dentistry.  On top of all things, you’re a “nice guy”.

Meredith, and I really appreciate all that you did for us.

Dori H

Dear Paul & Laurie,
I wanted to thank you guys so much for the care you gave to my son. You took some rough times and soothed them with your love and expertise.

Thank you for “ above and beyond the call of duty” care you extended to my family and me.  We will always remember you fondly
Denis O.

Dear Dr. Galitsis,

My last 4 years have been spent in California, but it will be New Orleans next week and probably Connecticut for the holidays.  You are remembered as the best dentist I ever had!

All the best to you.

Vilma M. T.

Dear Dr Galitsis,

Thank you for doing such a wonderful job on my “tooth” yesterday you have “Golden Hands”, “Heart” and “painless” dental care. 

Everyday I want to call and thank your staff for their loving care.  Pat was great, and so was Carol your hygentist.


Louis N.

Dear Dr. Galitsis and staff,

Thank you so much for taking such good care of me.  You all have such a “gentle touch” with your patients and the fear of going to the dentist went away!!!!  I cant thank you all enough for all of your help and taking me in so quickly. 


Jamie M.

Dear Dr. Galitsis,

I am just so, so grateful for ALL you have done for me. You gave me back my "smile" time and time again. I certainly would not have had the confidence what I did without all your hard work.

Peg L.

Dear Dr. Galitsis,

As always, I am in your hands and I trust you both 150%!! if not more.

Pat K.

Dear Dr. Galitsis and staff,

Thank you for your patience and kindness. Your staff is truly the nicest I have ever met in any professional office. You and Dr. Bovino are just terrific! Always a pleasure to keep an appointment!





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