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Infection Control

 The staff of Drs. Galitsis and Bovino are trained in  infection control procedures as mandated by state and OSHA requirements. Our staff maintains continued education  requirements , participate in scheduled infection control meetings and review current techniques on  infection control. Proper hand hygiene and protective clothing are also part of our infection control protocol.

Our  ultra-sonic cleaners and sterilizers are cleaned and maintained according to  schedule. Our sterilizers are spore tested twice the recommended schedule for spore testing. The spore strips are sent to an independent laboratory and the results are recorded. This ensures optimum sterilization performance which means clean sterile instruments for our patients.

Every effort is made to avoid a break in the infection control chain. Plastic drapes and wraps are used to cover equipment after they have been cleaned and disinfected. Water lines which supply the dental drills and syringes are flushed with an approved antimicrobial solution on a daily basis. All treatment rooms are sprayed, cleaned and sprayed with a hospital grade surface disinfectant for each procedure set-up. 

Our goal is to maintain our dental facility in a clean aseptic safe environment for our patients and staff.

Drs. Galitsis and Bovino and staff are trained semiannually in Basic life support and emergency procedures.

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